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Kaltoons LLC is an animation production company headed by international award winning editorial cartoonist Kevin KAL Kallaugher. Kaltoons is dedicated to producing the best in topical 2-D and 3-D animations for use in a broad spectrum of platforms. Kal's team of animators, voice talent, audio engineers and writers are prepared to create the new political cartoons for the media of the 21st century.

Kal's experience in animation dates back to his time as an undergraduate at Harvard where he produced a 13 minute animated cartoon for his senior thesis. In the years that followed Kal worked closely with other notable animators including celebrated filmmaker Richard Williams on an award winning TV commercial "No Bias" (1986). Later Kal teamed up with the prominent flash animation studio Twinkle headed by Gary Leib to produce work for Nightline and CNN's Lou Dobbs.

More recently, Kal has ventured into the world of 3-D animation. Kaltoons has teamed up with The Economist to produce topical broadcast quality animated commentaries as well as real-time interactive 3-d performances.

Inquiries about Kaltoons can be addressed HERE.

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